Re: Pyramidiocy (was Re: Strange Maths)

Paul J. Gans (
27 Jul 1995 14:44:23 GMT

Nathaniel Tagg ( wrote:
: Alan Hughes ( wrote:
: : Just for fun I took two measurements from an everyday object that,
: : according to enviormentalists, will be around as long as the Great
: : Pyramid.

: : The object is - a pop can.

: A well chosen object. The construction of a pop can is no small
: feet. Like a pyramid, an aluminum can is an engineering marvel. It can
: hold very large pressures inside, can withstand great stress (you can
: stand on one if careful) and wieghs only a few grams.


Yes, but it won't be around as long as the Great Pyramid. Aluminum,
for all of its protective coating of oxide, is subject to quick
corrosion. Examples include the insides of your aluminum cookpot
after you've boiled tomato sauce in it and the state of your aluminum
frame windows within a few years. It is highly subject to acid

Now glass pop bottles are another thing entirely.

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