David Bert (
Thu, 27 Jul 1995 19:22:31 GMT

Sean E Duffy <> wrote:
: Hey, the US may be a capitalistic duopoly mostly controlled by business
: interests with a portion of the populace addicted to government and
: another portion committed with fucking with other peoples lives but it
: sure as hell is no dictatorship.

What, you mean the country actually chose Ronald Reagan. I find that
rather hard to believe.

: If it was, I would not be able to bitch as much as I do.

So you sound off. But does anyone listen? Does anyone act?

Don't get me wrong I am not claiming that the USA or any of the
Western group of countries are rabid dictatorships. However, I don't
believe that we are even half as democratic as we would like
to pretend. The freedom generated by a true democracy would be
very dangerous indeed. What organisation/country could survive if
all the decisions were taken by all the people on every occasion?
No matter what the organisation/government; lines are drawn. You
only have to read this newsgroup to see that. We all walk those
lines to some extent as nearly every political argument is encamped
around them. In the end semi democracy works for the majority of
people as long as they don't expect too much.

I know this reply has very little to do with what you put.
But nobodies perfect ;-).


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