Re: Pyramidiocy (was Re: Strange Maths)

Sat, 29 Jul 1995 15:17:09 GMT (HarryR6047) wrote:

>From: (Jim Carr) writes:

>he then continues:
>"If you want to have some fun, apply the same reasoning to the size and
>orientation of city blocks in Manhattan. Or why that Calder statue is
>in front of Chicago's city hall. Or the angles used for the Vietnam
>Vets monument. ":

>There are some cities which have been laid out intentionally. And that
>grid pattern has some meaning. Try Washington rathern than Manhattan.
>The Vietnam Vets memorial, probably not, but the Washington Monument, yes.
>. .partially because it was a copy of an Alexandria original.

Manhattan was laid out intentionally once you get north of the
original colonial city. They are exactly North/South and East/West.
If you want to find a meaning for the layout, you have to understand
that this was what was considered the right way to lay out a city in
the early 19th Century.

The grid was laid out during the War of 1812 and includes the layout
for the Bronx as well. In the Bronx there were some existing roads
that still cut across the standard rectangular grid. Many streets in
the Bronx, for example, were laid out over 100 years before anything
was built on them.

Stella Nemeth