Re: Evidence for "Big Bang Theory"

Dan Drake (
28 Apr 1995 18:28:38 GMT

In message <> - (JAMES BENTHALL)
>Well, I know of at least one US astronomer that was "harmed" in the sense
>that he was persecuted and denied his livelihood for attacking the Big
>Bang theory--Halton Arp. As a result of his continuing to look,and find,
>inconsistencies with cosmological redshifts (mostly quasars) he was finally
>denied telescope time. (I believe at UC Berkeley?) Whereupon, he quit in
>disgust and moved to Germany (at Max-Planck?).
>The West has more subtle ways of handling nonconformists...deny telescope
>time, deny funding, etc.

Yes. That's the point, isn't it? Arp is alive and
publishing, no? In general moving to Germany is very substantially better
(at least since 1950 or so) than moving to Siberia or a grave.

Dan Drake (former biologist, non-believer that slave labor is a good research tool for genetics)