Re: Best American Composer.
14 Apr 95 17:25:39 MST


>>>John Williams. Boston Pops? Long after the movies are forgotten, people
>>>will remember his music.
>>Ohhhh. John Williams. Have you ever heard 'Manon Lescault' by Puccini?
>>Smack dab in the middle of the opera there's purely instrumental movement
>>(the Intermezzo). At the end of this movement: the strains that comprise
>>the theme for 'Star Wars'.
>>It's most amazing. You wonder, "Did he just lift this, directly?" Because
>>there it is, bar for bar, the 'Star Wars' theme.
>>It's really one of my least favorite operas by Puccini, but there are
>>bits that are exquisite, like all of his works.
>>Lane "Turandot" Singer
> Lane -- thanks for the tip. If you check out Bruckner, especially
> the 7th Symphony, you'll find where Williams poached lots of stuff for
> his other movies. I have always been vastly amused by this, since Bruckner
> is an acquired taste and most Americans HATE him.
> Mike Turton

My favorite... the guy who wrote the theme to 'The Lone Ranger'. :^)

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