Re: Best American Composer.

Angelique Skiman (
15 Apr 1995 00:08:21 GMT

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Mr. Goldrosensteinbergfinkelrothmanowitz <> wrote:
> So many people seem to say that Duke Ellington was the best
>American composer. I'm just wondering if we are allowing people who were
>great songwriters to be considered also. I think that Fats Waller was at
>least as great as Duke Ellington, even though he wasn't "composing" for
>larger groups so much. And what about pop artists today? Madonna, or
>John Flansburgh/John Linnel?

I think we can safely rule Madonna out! I doubt she can even read
music! My vote is for Duke Ellington....he was, without a doubt, one of
the best composers, arrangers and musicians.