Re: historical anthropology

Thomas Kavanagh (
14 Apr 1995 23:32:44 GMT (Michelle Jensen) wrote:
> Is there such a thing as historical anthropology? The only thing I can
> think of as historical is archaeology. But I'm not sure if there is
> historical cultural anthropology. Specifically studies done in Britian.
> Can anyone help me with this or tell me about past experiences? Thanks!
> Michelle Jensen

It is called Ethnohistory, the inter-relationships between historical
documents and anthropology. Although many "early" (1950s and 60s)
ethnohistorians did what William Fenton called "upstreaming"--the
use of modern ethnographies to evaluate historical documents--more
recent ethnohistorians have realized that the relation between
document and ethnography is multi-dimensional. They are mutually
informative and mutually critical. Look at the journal Ethnohistory.