Re: What is Forbidden Archeology?

Eric Brunner Contra (
Tue, 11 Apr 1995 20:32:55 GMT (Govardhan Hill) writes:

Sorry. I said I'd get out of ferret/whittet/benb/sundry ill-manered airhead's
snews group, but I coundn't let this pass.

: "Michael Cremo, a research associate in history and philosophy
: of science, and Richard Thompson, a mathematician, challenge

So, what did Richard Thompson publish, where was it published. Assume
that one obscure mathematician is curious about another. Thanks.

: the dominant views of human origins and antiquity. This volume
: combines a vast amount of both accepted and controversial
: evidence from the archaeological record with sociological,
: philosophical, and historical critiques of the scientific
: method to challenge existing views and expose the suppression
: of information concerning history and human origins."

No mention of mathematical methods as they relate to any aspect of
the subject. Hmm, odd that a mathematician who'd be interested in
the subject enough to co-author an encyclopedic summary of method
and data, albeit "forbidden", would not have made a professional
effort. I'll wait on the cites before toddling off to the departmental

Kitakitamatsinopowaw (I'll see you again)

-- Eric Brunner