Re: been to Ghana or the Gambia?

Andy Black (
Tue, 11 Apr 95 23:38:46 -0500

<> writes:

>I have the oppurtunity to go to either Ghana or the Gambia (or Nicaragua) with
>the Peace Corps to work in forestry. I have been studying Anthropology for the
>past four years and do not know anything about forestry but apparently they
>will train me. Anyway I havent had the chance to study these two countries
>and would appreciate any information on them that anyone has. Suggested
>reading would also be nice.
>Eric Wiesen

I don't have any literary references offhand that will give you a good
feel for Ghana, but if you have specific, or general, questions, I
can try to answer them directly (I do research in Ghana).

At the most general level, Ghana is a wonderful place to work, the
economy has been improving over the last decade, and it's fairly
safe. Also, if you work inland, the climate, IMO, is wonderful.

Andy Black