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11 Apr 1995 12:33:10 -0700

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>>> Stephen> The greatest American composer is John Williams.

Leonard Bernstein? But probably George Gershwin.

>Ohhhh. John Williams. Have you ever heard 'Manon Lescault' by Puccini?
>Smack dab in the middle of the opera there's purely instrumental movement
>(the Intermezzo). At the end of this movement: the strains that comprise
>the theme for 'Star Wars'.
>It's most amazing. You wonder, "Did he just lift this, directly?" Because
>there it is, bar for bar, the 'Star Wars' theme.

The music critic of the Washington Post noted that Williams'
theme for "Close Encounters" (the one they sound out with hand signals)
appears to have been lifted from the final trio of Richard Strauss'
_Der Rosenkavalier_ ("Hab mir gelobst..")


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