Re: Is white racism nec. all bad?

Paul Bernhardt (
8 Apr 1995 10:29:00 GMT

Lane Singer ( wrote:
: In <grizzy.55.000AB796@entriprise> grizzy@entriprise (eileen camilleri) writes:

: >Hitler is the world's most famous despot because the Jews were very
: >successful in their goal to demonize him

: Hmmm. Maybe he demonized himself by his goals and his actions.
: He did make sure to film all of his "accomplishments" you know.
: The footage was edited together into a documentary.

: > rightly so, of course. But, there
: >is Stalin, whose name is almost never mentioned,

: I wouldn't say that. Stalin was truly evil.

: >who killed 5 or 6 times
: >as many people as Hitler.

: Oh really? Not as quickly, I'd wager. And there doesn't seem
: to be any record of Stalinists throwing live infants into
: bonfires.

I did a double take when I read this. I wonder if it matters exactly what
the attrocity is. Beyond a certain point, all acts of extraordinary
cruelty seem the same to me. Stalin does not get the same press as
Hitler. I specualate that it is because Stalin killed based on political
orientation more so that racial/religious/ethnic lines. While it is
arguably as cruel (in my eyes it certainly is as cruel), it appears to be
less capricious.

Lest we forget that such cruelty is not committed exclusivly by whites,
recall a recent example of mass murder: the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia
killed political oponents in numbers approaching the holocaust and in a
similarly short period. The recent ethinic cleansing in the former
Yugoslavia is similarly digusting, but it has not yet been clearly shown
what exactly is going on, how many have been killed, and for what
reasons. Then the Rawandan episode is unbelievably bad. I'm getting