Re: Is white racism nec. all bad?

Lane Singer (
8 Apr 1995 08:39:37 GMT

In <grizzy.55.000AB796@entriprise> grizzy@entriprise (eileen camilleri) writes:

>Hitler is the world's most famous despot because the Jews were very
>successful in their goal to demonize him

Hmmm. Maybe he demonized himself by his goals and his actions.
He did make sure to film all of his "accomplishments" you know.
The footage was edited together into a documentary.

> rightly so, of course. But, there
>is Stalin, whose name is almost never mentioned,

I wouldn't say that. Stalin was truly evil.

>who killed 5 or 6 times
>as many people as Hitler.

Oh really? Not as quickly, I'd wager. And there doesn't seem
to be any record of Stalinists throwing live infants into

>The only reason that Stalin is not the foremost
>despot is that it has not been the goal of a significant number of people
>to show the world his atrocities.

Why not? By the way, have you ever ready Alexander Solzhenitsin?
I recommend him.

>Just thought I'd mention that because I am so sick of the American fascination
>with Hitler and the Nazi's. Almost nothing can be discussed without them
>coming up.

Yes, it must be so very tiresome for you.

>Eileen Camilleri