Re: The Bell Curve : Reaction time and IQ
Tue, 4 Apr 1995 07:31:35 UTC

In article <3lplc3$7v3@ucsu.Colorado.EDU> you write:
>>Once again we see, "Pick a conclusion then acquire/manipulate the data to
>>support it."
>Unfortunately this is and has been the basis of what we consider "science."

That has never been the basis of science. Science DOES require that
the science be done by someone who is interested in the actual facts,
and doesn't give a DAMN about where the data leads to. The most
reasonable alternative is considered for the model.

I haven't read the book "The Bell Curve", nor am I likely to. So I don't
know if the authors are unbias or twits. I have seen alot of "rebuttals"
and reviews of it, however, and I can say without question that those who
responded to it have their heads up their asses. The subject is so
emotionally and politically charged, I don't think it will ever have an
unbias observer, so it will never be a study in the realm of 'science'.

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