Re: Is white racism nec. all bad?

Bill Duke (
Mon, 27 Mar 1995 07:55:09 GMT

In article < , mellow mike ( writes:

: what you are not saying is white supremacy. that's what's going on. that
: is the history of the american legal system. it is not any arbitrary
: racism, it is a specific set of racist ideas implemented in specific ways
: through specific laws and conventions.


Can you cite one example of the gibberish you're spouting?

Near as I can tell, the whole body of legal doctrine (federal and
state statutory law, case law, elaborations of legal precedent,
etc.) since the early '60s has worked to _strengethen_
equality under the law (unless you're talking about affirmative
action hiring practices and racial set-asides, which I suspect
you're not).

You could say that racial and ethnic prejudice still exists (as it
always has and probably always will, probably everywhere) in
_spite_ of the accretion of laws to weaken it. But that's not at all
what you're saying.

So, if you would: A single instance of racism's being "implemented
in specific ways through specific laws and conventions."

-- Bill