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Free Scholarship Search

Student Services is a research group committed to helping students
find financial aid. We have a database of over 180,000 listings for
scholarships, fellowships, grants and loans, representing billions of
dollars in private sector funding.

There are hundreds of unique sources...

There's money for students who have been golf caddies, newspaper
carriers, grocery clerks, cheerleaders or rodeo riders, and for
descendents of Confederate soldiers, residents of towns served by the
Union Pacific Railroad, non smokers, good public speakers, students
with last names like Bright, Anderson, Borden or Gatlin, etc.

Many awards go unclaimed each year because they are obscure and
students don't know about them...

There are thousands of other scholarships including many based on
academic interests, career plans, financial need and academic ability.

For a free sample search based on your college major, try us at the


- Larry Organ
Student Services, Incorporated