Re: Is white racism nec. all bad?

Judith Eubank (
4 Apr 1995 16:17:37 GMT

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mellow mike <> wrote:
>an 'uncle tom' by definition is racist. an 'uncle tom' is a black person
>who internalizes white supremacist beliefs, hates themselves and other
>blacks, finds little redeeming about black life and always defers to white
>authority. if you read 'black boy' by richard wright, the book from which
>this term originates you might understand.

Gosh, and I always thought it originated with Uncle Tom's Cabin. I know,
however, that it is a term that blacks use about other blacks. I've very
rarely, if ever, heard a white person call a black person an uncle tom.
In other words, it's shorthand for "insufficiently black by my standards"
or "black in the wrong ways." This tactic is just as ugly and
destructive as some white racist tactics. It's the equivalent of calling
someone you disagree with a "capitalist running dog," etc. etc.