Re: Is white racism nec. all bad?

Gary Strand (
4 Apr 1995 16:13:19 GMT

mm> mellow mike

mm> affirmative action has the goal of integrating the workforce. that means
non-whites where whites used to be. that means white people have to be
sacrificed. white people, who are in place and have 'rights' to be present
in the workforce because of decades of white supremacy.

Prove that *I* got my job because of "white supremacy".

Like I said, what difference does it make to a person stiffed out of a job,
if he's black and tries to work for David Duke, or he's white and there are
already "enough" whites in the company? Both are disgusting instances of
*racist* (screw "racial") *discrimination*.

Besides, we know that those whites most screwed over by AA are those near
the bottom of the economic pile. So, the racial proportion of (say) jani-
tors is close to the racial proportion of Americans as a whole. Big deal.
AA doesn't touch CEOs and other executives.

mm> if you think race should be irrelevent, then you are politically naive and
will be used by racists.

Which racists? Black ones or white ones?

mm> you will beleive in 'reverse discrimination'.

What you wrote above is *exactly* "reverse discrimination" - "white people
have to be sacrificed", just as blacks are/were, merely because of their

mm> you will be dead weight in productive discussions.

In short, because I disagree with you about how best to handle the Race Is-
sue, my opinions are worthy of being listened too. The sign of a zealot -
cannot stand dissent.

Do you promote diversity of viewpoint as much as you promote diversity of
melanin? I think not.

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