Re: DISCOVER/Neanderthal/Homo Sap.

Muttiah ((no email))
22 Sep 1995 14:24:39 GMT

>Muttiah (muttiah) sez:
>` (Philip Reno) wrote:
>`>Also, it may be the case that the skin clor of southern East Indians,
>`>may be a good model for Cro-Magnon skin pigmentation.
>`That as you go south the Indians get darker ? Perhaps you are right,
>`but can we rule out that people didn't sexually select for darker skins ?
>why invoke something that complicated? How about simple indiscriminate
>interbreeding with the indigenous dravidians?

That's sexual selection :-).

Well it would depend on what you mean by a Dravidian. Someone already
mentioned the invasion theory whereby the early settlers from the
Gangetic plain were driven south, so the dravidians may not be all
that indigenous. However, there is another group closely related to
the aborigines in Australia (called variously Veddahs in that part of
the world), that were forest dwellers (these folks may have migrated
over 10,000 years ago). There has been interbreeding with the Veddahs.
Let the experts take over at this point regarding color of skin :-).