> Re: Morgan (mis)quotes Negus

Phillip Bigelow (n8010095@cc.wwu.edu)
18 Sep 1995 16:19:48 -0700

j#d#.moore@canrem.com (J. Moore) writes:

>I thought you might like seeing the actual, accurate quotes:
>Comparing Morgan's quote of Negus with the full, unaltered quote
>below, note that Morgan has deliberately excised all the references
>to the human fetus and various primates, as these references harm
>her thesis that the human airway's shape is due to convergent
>evolution rather than phylogeny.
>From: 1965 *The Biology of Respiration* by Sir Victor Negus
>E&S Livingstone Ltd.: Edinburgh and London. (Sections deleted
>by Morgan are shown in brackets.)
>pp. 123-124:
> "There are eddies produced in Man, esp. in the gap between the
>posterior nasal passage and the laryngea aperture. [A sagittal
>section of the head of a baboon (*Cynocephalus*) shows much the
>same points, but in lesser degree; in an Orang (*Simia satyrus*)
>the gap is greater.]"

Having not read Negus' work (yet), I can only assume that Ms. Morgan did
indeed make the omissions that you have bracketed. If her discretion is
real, this is a mis-representation of another researchers work.
The last sentence of Negus (the one in brackets) suggests that he had found
incremental polarity in character traits WITHIN Primates. Morgan's thesis
for the hominid airway suggests a unique airway apomorphy for hominids.
If the ommission is real on her part, it is a little tacky of her to leave
out Negus' qualifications...