Re: Morgan (mis)quotes Negus

J. Moore (
Thu, 21 Sep 95 12:48:00 -0500

Nc> Having not read Negus' work (yet), I can only assume that Ms. Morgan
Nc> did indeed make the omissions that you have bracketed. If her
Nc> discretion is real, this is a mis-representation of another researchers
Nc> work. The last sentence of Negus (the one in brackets) suggests that he
Nc> had found incremental polarity in character traits WITHIN Primates.
Nc> Morgan's thesis for the hominid airway suggests a unique airway
Nc> apomorphy for hominids. If the ommission is real on her part, it is a
Nc> little tacky of her to leave out Negus' qualifications...
Nc> <pb>

Well, unlike Morgan, I gave the source of the quotes so my
statements can be checked out. Morgan seems to find this idea of
checking statements to be offensive, but that's science for you.

I try to always quote accurately -- if I err as I quote, it's
likely a typo -- if Morgan's repeated misquoting is all typos,
there're suspiciously "convenient". I also try to provide context,
which is why my posts about Morgan's misrepresentation of Derek
Denton's work was rather long. Morgan seems to like deleting
context, or even, as she did with Denton, making up her own.

Jim Moore (

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