Re: Hominid Altitudinal-Latitudinal Adaptations

Chuck Stembridge (
30 Oct 96 04:00:36 GMT

Roger Dodger has this to say about that-
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>>It seems reasonable to me that the most parsimonious reason for the naked
>>body of Homo sapiens is because we wear clothes. At some point in human
>>evolution, hominids took to wearing clothes (obviously). With clothes
>>taking over (for the most part) the job of insulation of the body, it
>>became hairless. This was reinforced by the
>>fact that sweating became far more efficient. So a clothes-wearing
>>would benefit from nakedness both in the summer and the winter.
>>Does this make to much sense for some of you?

>Why would a creature with a perfectly good coat of hair (or fur) decide to
>invent clothing? This theory should be called the "Fashion Ape Theory" or

It seems that your argument is for "Evolution through Aquired Characteristics."
This is like saying if you cut off the tails of rats for a long period of time,
then breed ONLY the tail-less rats, sooner or later they will begin producing
tail-less offspring.

For some unknown reason, Homo sapiens began developing hairlessness all on his
own, without any help from clothing. I doubt that we will ever know the genetic
reasoning behind this. Wearing of clothes became a neccessity for early man,
living as he was in a much cooler climate. This is a simple Cause and Effect
reasoning: Hairlessness=Clothes not Clothes=Hairlessness.

Roger Dodger
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