Re: Why is Homo sapiens hairless?

Rajindra Maraj (
29 Oct 1996 14:57:28 GMT

Rohinton Collins ( wrote:
: I have been reading with some interest some of the arguments in this
: newsgroup. It seems many of you are happy to describe incredibly elaborate
: theories, forgetting about parsimony. One of notice is some argument about
: the (relatively) hairless nature of the body of Homo sapiens, linking it to
: the Aquatic Ape Theory (am I right?). It seems reasonable to me that the
: most parsimonious reason for the naked body of Homo sapiens is because we
: wear clothes. At some point in human evolution, hominids took to wearing
: clothes (obviously). With clothes taking over (for the most part) the job
: of insulation of the body, it became hairless. This was reinforced by the
: fact that sweating became far more efficient. So a clothes-wearing hominid
: would benefit from nakedness both in the summer and the winter.

: Does this make to much sense for some of you?

: Any replies welcome.

: Regards,

: Roh

The !Kung San of the Kalahari are even more hairless than you, yet have
never been partial to wearing clothes. Your logic apparently applies only
in a Lamarkian world.

Rajindra Maraj