Re: Hominid Altitudinal-Latitudinal Adaptations

John Waters (
27 Oct 1996 19:43:30 GMT

Paul Crowley <> wrote in article
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> "John Waters" writes:
> > . . . four different climatic conditions. These
comprise a
> > reduction in average annual temperature, reduced
> > seasonal changes and changes in day length. As a
result, four
> > simultanous genetic adaptations are required.
> I don't see how such adaptations are a problem
> _good_food_supply_. Peruvian Indians have "genetically"
> to high altitude in the last 6,000 years or so. That's
an eye-
> blink in evolutionary timescales.

JW: Okay, Paul. If there was the same food supply
altitudinally and latitudinally, which way would a specie
go? In the direction which required the fewest genetic
adaptations, or the direction which required the largest
number of genetic adaptations?

> BTW does anyone know how long have the Inuit been going?
> Paul.