Re: Modern Neanderthals?

Aurelius M. (
Sun, 27 Oct 1996 05:45:34 -0800

Ekki Nykkinen wrote:
> (Domingo Martinez-Castilla) wrote:
> >I find extremely amusing the willingness of some people of European descent
> >to find in themselves so-called Neandertal traits. Why not, as I proposed in
> >this very newsgroup several months ago, carrying out a true study on
> >anatomical characteristics of people in areas where Neandertals have been
> >found (I mean, dead ones)? Why nobody, even a little seriously, attempts
> >that?
> >It is always "I knew one guy that..." or "I do have this funny browridge...",
> >but never "there is this population,,," or even family.
> >Or may it be a strong desire to be descended from something not African?
> Now you know, now you must die... ;-)
> >Just wondering. By the way, I do have hair in my head and holes in my nose.
> >Are those Neandertal's traits?
> >Your truly HSS,
> >Domingo.
> I wish you good luck in your struggle against your paranoia, Domingo!
> Regards,
> Ekki
> >In article <54c2va$>, (Daniel D
> >Scripture) wrote:
> >>I have a very obvious occipital bun, or at least obvious when my hair
> >>is cut short. My hat size is the largest standard (American) hat
> >>size, since the Neandertal (?) conformation of the whole back of my
> >>skull extends its length so much.
> >===========================
> >Domingo Martinez Castilla
> >
> >===========================....................................................................

That is a new one Domingo. To opine that Europeans may
have Neanderthal genes is a racist plot by Europeans to avoid
admitting that we all came from Africa. Of course your logic
is not only silly, but down right foolish. No matter if
Europeans have Neanderthal genes, which I think likely, the
ansestor of Neanderthal most certainly came from Africa.
So much for your simple minded theory. P.S. Don't forget
the prozac before your next post!!!!