Re: Modern Neanderthals?

Rohinton Collins (
27 Oct 1996 20:42:07 GMT

Aurelius M. <> wrote in article
> That is a new one Domingo. To opine that Europeans may
> have Neanderthal genes is a racist plot by Europeans to avoid
> admitting that we all came from Africa. Of course your logic
> is not only silly, but down right foolish. No matter if
> Europeans have Neanderthal genes, which I think likely, the
> ansestor of Neanderthal most certainly came from Africa.
> So much for your simple minded theory. P.S. Don't forget
> the prozac before your next post!!!!

I don't believe that Domingo was implying any deliberate racist 'plot'
Racism mixed with ignorance and short-sightedness is all that's necessary.
Take a racist white westerner for example (and don't harp on, we are all
racist to some degree). He would far rather believe that his ancestors were
Neanderthals who evolved around southern Europe (despite the evidence) than
that they were Homo sapiens who came from Africa - after all, they might
have actually been black ( ;-) ). Failing this, if he actually concedes
that Homo sapiens evolved (in Africa) before
the Neanderthals, and therefore that the former couldn't have evolved from
the latter, then at least some interbreeding went on to dilute this
'African' breed?

Wake up people. Be guided by the evidence, not at your inner prejudices.