Re: Caucasian remains in Oregon

Chuck Roast--A rare kind of guy! (
Sat, 26 Oct 1996 22:29:12 -0500 wrote:
> > A group of archaeologists and one U.S. senator (Slade Gordon (R))
> > are petitioning to have the material studied first, and then
> > handed back over to the tribal nations.
> What's with this 'handed back' dreck?
> Did the natives find the remains? No!
> Did they dig them up? No!
> Was the man (person?) a member of any tribe wanting the remains? No!
> It seems that this is just another pushy try on the part of the
> Siberian-Americans to control north american archaeology by demanding
> that scientific research must end the instant any human remains are
> found that predate Russian or European settlement because they must be
> presumed to be Siberian-American and thus under the control of the Ju-Ju
> man of the most politically powerful local tribe.
> When will these people learn to accept that although they got to
> the americas first, and immediately hunted every animal larger than the
> bison into extinction, they are not the rulers of the land anymore.
> (Any Russians reading this are assured that the R or E
> settlement thing is only said to acknowledge their entry to the americas
> using the eastern, or original way, as opposed to the rest of Europe,
> who did it the long way round with all that sea sickness and slowly
> rotting food)


I sure wish you lived near my reservation, so my tribe of Siberian
Americans could hunt you to extinction--bet it wouldn't take long.
No--seriously--there are many fine points to your argument that I would
love to go over with you.

Now, it is true that many anthro types believe that "Indians" crossed
over Beringia--I do not buy that particular theory, but until a better
one comes along, I will grant that probability. So, in some obscure,
perverse way, a racist asshole, like yourself for example, could refer
to some northwestern "Indian" tribes as being composed of Siberian

But that is not important. What is important, is that you are a dick
head. Strictly lower case. Not even a real DICK HEAD, just a flaccid
dick head.

Sorry if I've offended anybody other than the boy genius.