Re: Speciation - how do you know?

Benjamin H. Diebold (
27 Oct 1996 01:11:16 GMT

Paul Crowley ( wrote:

[snip much improbable speculating]

: AFAIK male gorillas do not do a lot of "heavy chewing".
: Their massive jaws need another explanation; it may be for defence
: against predators.

I just watched a few hours of video of mountain gorillas, filmed by one of
our physical anthropologists who's been researching mountain gorillas for
years and years. These male gorillas seem to do little BESIDES heavy
chewing -- all day long they are breaking off fibrous plant stalks and
leaves and munching them down, with occasional breaks for sleep, play,
sex, and fighting.

In short, I don't believe the massive jaws of gorillas require further
explanation. Except, of course, from the point of view of your theory,
which needs all the help it can get. AAT = special pleading central.