Ancient Caucasian in Oregon?

Bob Keeter (
21 Oct 1996 01:12:58 GMT

Aside from the hype about what was or wasnt found in Oregon, this
reminded me of an article (Sci Am or Nat Geographic I think), that
there were "lost empires" in central/east Asia along the silk road
that were apparently more nearly Caucasian than Mongolian.
IIRC and the articles were correct, these empires were conquered
by Mongol or Chineese armies and were essentially destroyed. If
you would believe that these empires were developed by the people
who lived in these areas, it implies that the Caucasian race
spread a bit further than previous studies had indicated.

Is it possible that the "Caucasian" race, whatever that might
actually be, was actually originally spread as far as northern
Asia before being displaced by the now-Siberians (Mongolian) at
a very early time? If so, could it not be that some of the
initial trekkers across Berengia (or seal hunters in boats)
could have had more than a little "Caucasian" DNA floating

Crazy thoughts, but. . . . . . . .