Re: Half Human?

Rohinton Collins (
18 Oct 1996 17:52:14 GMT

kerry <> wrote in article <>...
> William:
> You want to make love to a chimpanzee? :)
> > C. Marc Wagner wrote:
> >
> > It is nonsense. The two species cannot interbreed!
> >
> > If it's possible for a horse and a donkey to interbreed and produce
> > a mule or for tigers and lions to interbreed, why wouldn't it be
> > possible for a chimpanzee and a human. I'm told the chimp and
> > human have more DNA in common than horse and donkey.
> > William Sburgfort Smith

Incorrect. How are you measuring closeness of DNA? Lions and tigers, and
donkeys and horses can mate because they have the same number of
chromosomes and have not diverged genetically far enough apart to prevent
successful breeding (even if offspring and infertile). Chimps and humans do
NOT have the same number of chromosomes because genetically, they have
diverged farther apart and thus cannot breed successfully. I'm sure you
could try though, if you really wanted :)

Please could we have more serious postings in this newsgroup :|