Re: Half Human?

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Sat, 19 Oct 1996 10:58:52 LOCAL Mennen) writes:

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>>>It is nonsense. The two species cannot interbreed!
>>>Charles Candy wrote:
>>>> Hi folks,
>>>> Someone was telling me about an artical they read in the Dallas
>>>> Morning News about a chimp that was possibly half human. Does
>>>> know more about this?
>>I'm not saying that the article had any merit, but out of curiosity, I
>>would like to know how you determined that these two species cannot

>Donkeys and horses have different numbers of chromosomes, yet can
>produce a (sterile) mule. I don't think any data exists which would
>rule out a chimp/human hybrid.

>Barry M.

Okay, lets put this into perspective once and for all.........who actually
copulated with a chimpanzee to produce this hybrid? If it was artificial
insemination, who did it and under whose authority.....i.e. what institution's
ehtics committee allowed it? If you look at the logic of it, it makes no
sense for this stroy to be true. Scientists are not the 'evil ones' that
the public likes to imagine. Let's kill the thread now.

Keith Norris