Re: Hunter/Gatherer vs Gatherer/Hunter was speciation

Kristoffer Lindqvist (
16 Oct 1996 12:03:47 GMT

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>I recently went on a lo-fat diet, and until I got the knack I was
>starving all the time. Our systems crave fat. We have to eat stacks
>and stacks of carbohydrates in order to feel anything like as full as
>we can get from a little judicously administered fat. We like meat
>because it's the easiest, most abundant source of fat there is. I
>suspect this dates from our hunter-gatherer days, when we were
>constantly moving all over the landscape and couldn't store anything
>we couldn't carry -- and, as many a picnicker has realized, it's
>easier to carry food in our stomachs than in our hands. Fatty foods
>lasted us longer after it got inside, and therefore we developed
>enthusiasm for them. This sounds simple and obvious, but I have never
>seen it written down anywhere.

These kind of things has recently been discussed in bodybuilding
circles in conjungtion with the so-called Anabolic Diet (a high fat
diet low in carbohydrates and high in protein). If you€re interested
(it can get a little bit technical but there has been some discussion
about whether this was the way early hunter-gatherers ate) check out
the search engine at Select
the Training-Nutrition search and enter €Stone age€ as search word and
you should find at least something of interest.

>Oh, what's the secret to not being hungry on a lo-fat diet?
>Carbohydrates and lots of them. Those low-fat fruit bars are good.
>So are those new low-fat candybars, but don't overindulge those.
>"Lo-fat" for a candy bar may still be pretty high in absolute terms.
>And for those salty-snack cravings, fat-free crackers and pretzels.
>Preferably Snyders. The so-called lo-fat potato chips aren't
>particularly low in fat, and they don't taste remotely like potato
>chips. Take larger helpings of rice and potatoes and green vegetables
>at dinner, and smaller helpings of meat, and use sour cream instead of
>butter or margarine.

Right ! Seems like this comment could be posted directly to a
nutrition oriented newsgroup ... Think you€ll be quite interested in
the Training-Nutrition newsletter ;-)