Hunter/Gatherer vs Gatherer/Hunter was speciation

Sharyn Woodcock (
Tue, 8 Oct 1996 08:11:31 +1000

I have been reading in on the ongoing debate on speciation, and as
I see it no one has mentioned the fact that People are omnivors not
carnivors like lions or other predators, humans do not need to hunt evry
day but can sustain themselves with foods gathered in a variety of ways.
It may even be true to say that gathering is more important than
hunting, because it is more reliable. Evidence of extensive tooth wear in
Neanderthal popultions shows this to be a distinct possiblity.
Evidence gained from studies of existing societies, Kung!San,
Bantu, Iban and others shows this to be true. If the hunt fails, they can
subsist on the foods which have been gathered, collected and stored. But
if these foods become scarce (possibly through drought) the people starve,
So which is mor important, Hunting or Gathering or are they equal?