Re: Speciation-how do you know?

Robert Gotschall (
12 Oct 1996 17:40:57 GMT

In <> Magnus Sterky
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>True, yes. Still, cross breeding existed and exists. What is the
>probability for a scientist in 50.000 years or so from now to find
>indiviuals to prove it?
>Magnus Sterky
Actually I was only commenting that modern humans wouldn't have to be
advanced at all to replace archaic humans, just slightly better able
to exploit the environment in which they found themselves. What did
H.G. Wells say about the barbarians always winning? I haven't even
been able to discern a universally recognized criteria for just what
skeletal features constitute a species, or what a species is for that
matter. I think you would need thousands of nearly complete skeletons
to determine most of these questions anyway. Considering past abuses
done in the name of paleontological research, and being a biologist at
heart, I'm inclined to lump things together. I mean if it walks like
duck etc. I'm inclined to call it a duck, even if its an ugly duck.
Beauty is far too subjective a criteria in which to judge humanity.