Re: Speciation - how do you know?

Nicholas Rosen (
12 Oct 1996 22:18:01 GMT

T&B Schmal ( wrote:

: So you are building a case for Neanderthal the hunter, the meat-eater, the
: "I don't know how to eat vegetables" man. If, when the ice melted and the
: vegetation appeared but the Neanderthal didn't know how to take advantage
: of it, the way would be open for another people, a people who knew how to
: gather, to gain ascendance. Maybe this is what happened?

That doesn't explain why the Neanderthals didn't migrate North, to a climate
more like what they were familiar with, while H.s.s. occupied the former
Neanderthal range. Of course, if the Neanderthals were stay-at-homes --
but I'll let someone else argue that one.

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