Re: Speciation - how do you know?

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Thu, 10 Oct 1996 20:01:41 +0000

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> What other sources of food would be available in the middle of
> the winter in the middle of a glacial period? The conditions were
> at least as bad as the conditions in the polar regions that Eskimoes
> currently inhabit. Non-animal food just isn't available for much
> of the year (at least for us primates who can't digest grass and
> who don't get much benefit from moss).

So you are building a case for Neanderthal the hunter, the meat-eater, the
"I don't know how to eat vegetables" man. If, when the ice melted and the
vegetation appeared but the Neanderthal didn't know how to take advantage
of it, the way would be open for another people, a people who knew how to
gather, to gain ascendance. Maybe this is what happened?

Tom Schmal