Re: Luxembourg Royal Family: House Irradiak (and paleo-Letzisch royalty)

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>>>Many of you have asked questions about the Luxembourgian Royal
>>>The present Luxembourgian Royal Family is descended from the House of
>>>IRRADIAK, who were among the nobility of the ancient paleo-Letzisch
>>>A. Gomez Muzcreidt, Ph.D.
>>>Historical Research Division
>>>People's International University
>>Just out of curiosity, what exactly _was_ the paleo-Letzisch Empire?
>Sorry, but me too. I'am intrigued by the use of the term -paleo- in an
>historical context. Honest, I am speaking from complete ignorance
>here. I wasn't even aware that Luxembourg had a royal family. A
>little background would be welcome. Thanks for the list by the way. I'm
>always looking for terms I can use for fictional writing. I may be able
>to use some of them some time.