Re: Luxembourg Royal Family: House Irradiak (and paleo-Letzisch royalty)

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10 Oct 1996 19:50:27 GMT

Alain Knaff ( sez:
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` > >Just out of curiosity, what exactly _was_ the paleo-Letzisch Empire?
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` > Sorry, but me too. I'am intrigued by the use of the term -paleo- in an

` Daat ass tats€chlech intrigant. Virun allem wann een drun d€nkt datt
`L€tzebuerg er€ischt am Joer 963 gegr€nnt gin ass, an datt een
`normalerweis mat "paleo" vill m€i al Z€iten associ€iert.

` > historical context. Honest, I am speaking from complete ignorance
` > here. I wasn't even aware that Luxembourg had a royal family. A

` Mier hu k€ng kinn€klech Famill, m€ awer eng Grou€herzoglech Famill.
`Si stammen selbstverst€ndlech n€t €us dem H€us IRRADIAK, m€ €us dem
`H€us Nassau.

Ah, right. That clears everything up. Especially those characters that
don't even display on an ascii screen. They make things particularly
clear. (I expect you were perfectly aware when you posted this reply
that the discussion is crossposted outside of

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