Re: Neanderthals' Noses Blow Scientists Away

Centurion Augustus (
Fri, 04 Oct 1996 04:34:29 -0700

Ralph L Holloway wrote:
> On Tue, 1 Oct 1996, Stephen Barnard wrote:
> > I saw a piece in the paper this morning that described how scientists
> > have discovered a radical difference between the noses of Neanderthals
> > and modern humans. (Ian Tattersall of the American Museum of Natural
> > History and Jeffrey Schwartz of the University of Pittsburgh)
> >
> > They claim that this difference would "force a reorganization of the
> > sinuses and the delicate membranelike bones called turbinates." The
> > claim is that this difference, along with other long recognized
> > differences in musculature, brow ridges, etc. lead to the conclusion
> > that Neanderthals were a distinct species.
> >
> > Predictably, Milford Wolpoff was unimpressed.
> >
> I guess that until we find a snot-ridden kleenex embedded in a block of
> ice, we just won't know. Seriously, I know of no evidence relating to the
> turbinate bones in Neandertals(inferior conchae, and superior and medial
> of the ethmoid ). They, much as in our own species, or
> subspecies (whichever you prefer), are too delicate for survival. Why
> these bones would lead (or add) to enough reproductive isolation for
> speciation would probably best be studied by cartoonists....I can hardly
> wait for the first discovery of an intact Neandertal medial conchae...
> Sorry for the irreverance,
> R. Holloway.......................................................................

Your attempt at a cute little post is just that an attempt. If
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