Re: Neanderthals' Noses Blow Scientists Away

Holly Reeser (
Fri, 04 Oct 1996 07:27:06 -0400

My only comment is that reproductive isolation is not the only mechanism
for speciation.I know that it is the most accepted explanation for the N
species and one that I susbcribe to myself. Yet in the Sept. 13 issue
of Science researchers have found that in flys that once fed on hawthron
frout and now feed on only apple fruit there is no interbreeding between
these groups. Morphologically they are the same yet based on their food
preference they remain distinc and even their birth cycles are
different. So as they are regognized as a new species the question once
again arises as to what is a species, or subspecies and did there
actually have to be reproductive isolation for the N lineage to arise?