Re: Apology to Ms. Morgan

D K Murray (
Wed, 2 Oct 1996 17:12:49 +0100

The treatment Ms.Morgan has had is extraordinarily reminiscent of
that handed out to one Rev. Charles Darwin. Darwin's professional
qualifications, incidentally, consisted of not completing a medical
degree at Edinburgh University, and completing an ordinary degree in
theology at Oxford. His roles on "Beagle" included chaplain and paramedic.

Of course, this comparison does not prove AAT. Neither does the fact
that the extensive correspondance in various newspapers and journals
when Edinburgh University was considering accepting the Koestler
bequest to set up a chair in parapsychology included contributions
from sceptical scientists whose arguments seemed to boil down to "its
obviously rubbish so no one should be allowed to study it".(Edinburgh
did accept the bequest.)

How about some more informed,enlightened discussion on
paleoanthropology, and less mud-slinging: it is nearly as wearying as
the chain-selling ads and the requests to chant shamanistically

All the best, D.K.M.