Re: ape faces

H. M. Hubey (
22 Oct 1995 16:12:01 -0400 (Phil Nicholls) writes:

>Gee, I love that kind of talk. But Alex, I am afraid you have made a
>mistake. MH didn't say "hominoid", he said humanoid which I sure you

Thank you. I like inventing words myself :-)..

Sometimes it's the best thing that can be done to avoid
having unnatural verbal untanglements.

And finally, think carefully, if you can. Have you ever seen
a linear correlation-regression curve (i.e. straight line)
with the date points scattered about? No, try it, you'll
like it.

In fact, I recommend for you to think stochastically since this
field has much of it. If you want references I can recommend a few.


Regards, Mark