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18 Oct 1995 13:13:20 -0400 (Thomas Clarke) writes:

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>> into the river and were buried in the sediments. Most are of young
>> animals suggesting their presense was due to a less than successful
>> attempts to leap from one tree to the next.

THis is getting better and better.

I hereby propose that we change the "theory" to "Swamplands Ape
Theory". So now we have apes jumping from tree to tree and
falling in the river. That would make everyone happy; after
all the savannah can't be too far away, the forest is already
there, and the water is there too. So we can have the apes
climb up trees to escape the crocs and go for walks along
the savannah and escape into the forest when threatened by
plains predators.

Is there anything left out of this? Oh yes, how about making
this near the sea. That's perfect.

>> 'Fraid not. Lucy was found in lake deposits. Her remarkable
>> preservation was due to the fairly rapid burial in these deposits.

She must have fallen into the water. Or maybe a flash flood pushed
her in. OR perhaps she was trying to jump across the lake!

>> Lucy was, however, a TERRESTRIAL biped, retaining some arboreal
>> characteristics.

Then she must have been jumping from tree to tree over the lake
and fell in the lake!


Regards, Mark