Refs, please... was... Re: AAT Theory

J. Moore (
Fri, 6 Oct 95 10:58:00 -0500

HMH> On a scale of 0-100 of no lion has ever hunted in a group we give it a
HMH> zero, if no lion has ever hunted alone we give it
HMH> a ranking of 100. So on this scale I'd give lions, wolves,
HMH> wild dogs, and hyenas somewhere around 80-95. Cheetahs
HMH> hunt alone. So do leopards.

HMH> This is a simple way to avoid arguments over words. Give me
HMH> your number and let's ask others to vote; that'll take care
HMH> of the useless argument.
HMH> Regards, Mark

Science doesn't work by voting; it works by giving references for
one's statements.

Why don't you start giving references for your statements, beginning
with your references showing how you come up with the numerical
values you assigned above.

You're very big on deriding scientists for not doing things the
way you want them done, with little apparent knowledge of what
paleoanthropologists actually do, but you yourself give no
references of any kind -- why are you, and the theory you
currently espouse, supposed to be given this special "no refs
required" treatment?

Jim Moore (

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