Re: AAT: I just rediscovered my news filter

David L Burkhead (
18 Oct 1995 11:40:10 GMT

In article <460i1p$> writes:
> (David L Burkhead ) wrote:
>> Now you sound like a UFOlogist with the "can you prove it
>>_didn't_ happen." Well, that's not the way science works. It's not up
>>to us to provide evidence that it's impossible. It's up to the
>>hypothesis's supporters to provide evidence that it _happened_.
>Well see my posts with regard to crying.

I have. You have not, in them, provided a single piece of
evidence. You have not established that elephants and humans actually
_are_ the only terrestrial animals that shed tears from emotional
distress (you've just claimed it). You have not shown that elephants
have an aquatic past (you just assumed it). You have not shown that
aquatic animals possess this trait (you just assumed it).

Show that the purported trait actually exists in the terms you
said it does (like, maybe providing some of those references others
have asked for?) and we may be able to discuss whether it is
"evidence" for an aquatic past. Until then, it's just another
unsupported claim, just like those UFO proponents who make _their_
claims and demand we disprove them. Feh and double-Feh.

David L. Burkhead

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