Re: AAT: I just rediscovered my news filter

David L Burkhead (
18 Oct 1995 11:35:47 GMT

In article <460hv4$> writes:
>But the point still is valid. Mathematical models aren't reality, and for
>me to give up the AAT the objection would have to be pretty convincing.

Actually, the point is _not_ valid, unless your point is that
bad science is a poor predictor of reality (since that latter is
almost a definition of the former, this is trivially true). A model
that ignores things that are already known (for instance, mammals,
regardless of whether they are "aquatic" or not have a "dive reflex"
as described in AAH), is just bad science. That doesn't invalidate
the process by which models that _don't_ ignore such data are built.

BTW, the "proof" was _not_ a "mathematical model" as the term is
usually used. It may have _used_ such models, but that doesn't mean
it _was_ one.

That you so faithfully cling to AAH despite the almost total lack
of evidence in its favor (although _claims_ abound), speaks more of a
"religious" conviction than anything having anything to do with
science. That's fine if that's your bag, but don't be surprised if
other folk want some actual evidence before falling in line.

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