AAT: I just rediscovered my news filter

Domingo Martinez-Castilla (agdndmc@mizzou1.missouri.edu)
Wed, 11 Oct 95 16:51:30 GMT

I trust BARD has not been around for a while (my filter shunned him out), but
this AAT thing is getting incredible proportions, well beyond the relevance of
the topic. Why is it so important? Because some interested people are pushing
it where apparently there are less resistance, namely this news group. They may
be right or not, but this is the only "place" where you will find that much AAT
pronouncements. And it seems that very few people are really interested.

Right now my newsreader has 30 messages in this group, authored as follows:
Hubet 8, Clarke 7, Crowley 6, Duncan 5.

Subjects: 10 messages have AAT explicitly in the header, but all but ONE seem
to have spawned from AAT postings, if my memory serves me well.

I leave these figures so you can realize where this discussion is going, and
--and this is my point-- which other topics are being irrevocably crowded out.

I hope we can get this thing back.

Bones, any one?


Domingo Martinez-Castilla