Re: Crocodile Rock

chris brochu (
17 Oct 1995 00:47:12 GMT

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>>As I understand it, the seawater crocodile does not navigate when
>>sea; it drifts with the current. All crocodiles rely on stealth to
>>approach potential prey. They need muddy/occluded water and only
>>inhabit rivers, estuaries, swamps and the like. So the predation
>>rate in the clear waters of the marine littoral would be negligible.
>Interesting point, as an AAT supporter I hope it is true!

Too bad.

Saltwater crocodiles may drift when far offshore, but they most
definitely swim on their own power when close to shore.

Furthermore, they do hunt by stealth, but they can achieve this in clear

I agree, predation in the littoral zone would be negligible, but since
this is the most rediculous of the AAS versions, why bother.