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17 Oct 1995 12:59:23 GMT

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[ 8< Crocodiles don't navigate at sea--just drift >8 ]

>Interesting point, as an AAT supporter I hope it is true! I think the crocodile question is a bit

Hate to burst your bubble, but it turns out not to be the case.
This has been dealt with here before.

>off the thrust of the main argument and is used because the anti-AAT types can't defeat thhe
>strong arguments from psychic tears etc..

Hate to burst your bubble again, but how any postulated 'aquatic
ape' deals with predation is _not_ off the thrust of the main
argument. It is central to the viability of the hypothesis. And if
"psychic tears" is what passes for a strong argument, then AAH is on
even weaker ground than _I_ thought.

BTW, we're all still waiting for the references to your claim
about aquatic animals vs terrestrial animals in shedding tears from
emotional distress.

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