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16 Oct 1995 11:16:58 GMT

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>Well I'm certainly not a scientific creationist, and I was only stating a
>fact which I don't consider to be in any way a strong argument in favour
>of the aquatic theory. I believe you are a bit too critical in your
>opinion of us AAT'ers. If you guys can really come up with some
>scientific evidence that shows that the scenario is impossible then I am
>sure we will all shut up regardless of how appealing AAT is.

Now you sound like a UFOlogist with the "can you prove it
_didn't_ happen." Well, that's not the way science works. It's not up
to us to provide evidence that it's impossible. It's up to the
hypothesis's supporters to provide evidence that it _happened_.

If you keep _acting_ like pseudo-scientists (and this "prove it's
impossible tactic is just that), then you can't be surpised when
you're _treated_ like one.

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