Re: Change from 48 to 46 chromosomes

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Sat, 14 Oct 95 15:20:53 CDT

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>: In article <45hi7e$>, (donald e. tyler) writes:
>: >Any evolutionary guesses
>: >as to how apes with 48
>: >chromosomes were changed
>: >to homo sapiens with 46?

I've never heard of apes turning into homo sapiens.
Apes and homo saps are two different species. Therein lies the answer.

>Sean replied,
> They didn't. Apes have an extra chromosome becuase
>chromosome 2 has split into two seperate chromosomes.
>ie. humans were first.
>ref. Weaver,R.F.,Hedrick,P.W.,(1992)Genetics 2nd Ed.
>Wm.C.Brown Publ.,pp77-90?
>or any other general genetics text.

I'll have to look that book up. It's not in any of my genetics texts. "Humans
were first" would seem to indicate that the 24 paired chromosomal apes evolved
from homo species. That is a fantastic statement.

Just for fun.....when a siamang and gibbon mated (two separate species, two
different genera), they produced a hybrid...the siabon. The gibbon has 44
chromosomes, the siamang has 50. Can the siabon successfully produce offspring